7 amazing benefits of shikakai shampoo

Do you think, like many other girls, dreams long pulpy sports braids?

Your hair is so fragile and weak that you need to keep it short in a pony so it is easier to manage?

A long and healthy mane is perhaps just the dream of every woman! People will do everything to look good these days, and an indispensable part of grooming is hair health and stylish!

So, what can you do to make sure your hair is healthy and shiny? Is there a product that can make your hair look as beautiful as you wanted?

Well, it IS and it is shikakai we are talking!

Do you want to know more? Continue reading!

Why use Shikakai For hair?

Shikakai is one of the herbs that have been used for centuries to care for hair and scalp.

It is popular especially in the Asian subcontinent, but over the centuries its use is spread to other continents.

Made from the fruit pods of the Acacia Concinna tree, Shikakai acts as an excellent hair cleanser.

You can easily find ShiKai – Natural Everyday Shampoo all year, and it is affordable too.

How Shikakai Can Be Used For Hair

There are a number of ways Shikakai can be used for hair cleansing: many people, usually those who live in villages, use Shikakai in the form of Organic Shikakai Powder .

You can find Shikakai-based shampoos on the market. Some of them are: [eafl id=155 name=”Shikai everyday shampoo with shikakai extract” text=”Shikai Everyday Shampoo with Shikakai Extract”] or [eafl id=156 name=”oganic handcrafted Shampoo Bar with Shikakai And Aritha” text=”oganic handcrafted Shampoo Bar with Shikakai And Aritha”] (you can read more about solid shampoo here).

You can also add dry shikakai powder to your existing shampoo to get the benefits.

You can also find Shikakai-based soaps for cleaning your hair.

Some people mix the powder with herbs like Shikakai reetha and henna to make nourishing hair packets.

Benefits of Shikakai For Hair

Shikakai offers multiple benefits for both your scalp and hair. These are:

  1. It acts as an excellent natural cleanser, and your scalp is not exposed to chemicals.
  2. Many people still opt for soap bars, which are not recommended for hair as they leave the dry scalp and lead to conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis.
  3. Shikakai, on the other hand, has low pH levels and its light nature is suitable even people with sensitive scalp. It does not make the scalp dry.
  4. Shikakai also works as a beautiful hair straightener. So, you should not use a separate hair conditioner after using shikakai.
  5. It nourishes the scalp with nutrients like vitamins D and C.
  6. It goes well with other herbs and natural extracts, thus benefiting the health of the hair. Before applying hair dye, (same natural hair dye), the hair should be washed with Shikakai. This helps to soak the dye better and stay longer.
  7. Shikakai also helps fight dandruff. And dandruff, if not treated in time, can cause temporary hair loss.