All Natural Shampoo

Why Should We Use All Natural Shampoo?

All natural shampoo is the best solution for you who want to repair your hair from damage or for maintaining the good condition of your hair. For your information, most of the non-natural shampoo is made of harsh detergents. That chemical component is used to produce the bubbly lather that most of us love it. But, actually, the detergent can remove the natural oils on our hair so that it will make the hair is getting dry. There are some of the dangerous ingredients in the commercial shampoo that you should avoid.

The first is sulfates. This kind of ingredient contains the strong chemical detergent that can cause irritation and itching.

The second is Isopropyl alcohol. This component is usually also can be found on wood finish and antifreeze product. It can lead to the hair loss and damage.

The third is formaldehyde. This chemical component is used to kill the bacteria on the hair but it also will give bad impacts, such as eyes irritation and skin inflammation.

The last one that you can find in the non-natural shampoo is propylene glycol. This is used to help in cleaning deeply your hair but it will break down the protein in the hair.

All of those components that have been mentioned are common can be found on all the commercial non-natural shampoo. If you buy the certain shampoo, you have to read the components first to make sure that it is safe for you. But, it is difficult not to find some of the components on the commercial shampoo. That is why it is better for you to change your shampoo to the natural one.

The best thing of the natural shampoo is that it is made from the health ingredients. They are usually made from the extract of the plants, fruits and vegetables and also the healthy oils. These are some of the components of all natural shampoo that is very useful and important in making your hair healthy.

The first is coconut oil and Aloe Vera. Both of these components are the popular natural ingredients that are very good to grow your hair. Moreover, Aloe Vera is also good for moisturizing your hair.

all natural shampoo
Aloe Vera

The second ingredient is organic Shea butter. It has the function of giving the natural shine of the hair.

The third is Beta Glucan. This component will help you to calm the inflamed skin cells.

The last is organic tree tea oil. It is the good antiseptic that will maintain the health of your hair. Nowadays, we can find the natural shampoo with those components easily. You can simply buy it via online. But, you also should be careful to check all of the ingredients even though it is the natural one.

Actually, it is very simple to make the all natural shampoo by ourselves.

We just need some of the simple ingredients and then we can get the good shampoo that is natural and safe for our hair. There are some of the recipes for making the natural shampoo that is easy to follow. The first is baking soda shampoo. This is the simplest natural shampoo to make. The ingredients that you need to make this shampoo are only baking soda and water. You just need to mix a tablespoon of the baking soda and water and then use it like the regular shampoo. Baking soda will help you to clean your hair naturally even it is useful to clean dandruff. The second shampoo that you can make is lemon and cucumber shampoo. To make this shampoo, you should peel a lemon and a cucumber first and then it into the food processor until they become a paste. After that, you can use it as a shampoo. You should scrub it in your hair carefully and then wash it cleanly. The third is coconut shampoo for the dry hair. If you have the dry hair then you should try to use this natural shampoo. The components that you need are coconut milk, almond oil, essential oils and extra mild organic shampoo. After you have prepared all of those ingredients then mix them together. You should shake it well before you use it. If you have the oily hair then you can try to use Aloe Vera and lemon for the shampoo. You can mix both of the components and use it as your daily shampoo.

Those are some other of the recipes that you can use to make your own natural shampoo. Actually, there are still others natural ingredients that you can use, such as honey, apple cedar vinegar and also avocado. There are many natural sources that we can take their function to repair the hair. Even though it takes some minutes to make these natural shampoos but it is worth to try. Besides, it is more economical and better for the hair. If you are so busy and have no time to make it then you can buy the natural shampoo. But, you should carefully check the ingredients. Maybe now you have already used the certain commercial shampoo for a long time and you love it. Then sometimes you can set a day, maybe once a week to refresh your hair by using the natural shampoo. You can choose to make the certain one that is suitable for the type of your hair. If you have the dry hair then you can try to make the coconut shampoo. But, if you only want to clean the hair, you can use the baking soda. All of the ingredients of the shampoo are easy to be found. However, using the natural shampoo is really good for repairing your damage hair or the daily use. Moreover, by making the natural shampoo, we can make sure that all the ingredients are safe. There is no detergent or the other chemical components that can cause the skin inflammation or eye irritation or the damaging of the hair. So what you are waiting for, let’s try to make and use all natural shampoo.