Gluten Free Shampoo – How To Find One

If you are diagnosed with gluten intolerance, taking good care of your body becomes a priority.

After making changes in to your diet due to celiac disease the next important thing to do is to check your hair care products as well as other cosmetics.

Gluten free shampoo comes in very handy in coping with gluten intolerance.

People suffering from eczema in their head and palms also benefit greatly from shampoo that is not made with gluten based ingredients.

Gluten and gluten based products are commonly used ingredients in hair care products.

These ingredients are mostly used as nourishing ingredients or even as ingredients in the fragrances.

Shampoo can become ingested when washing your hair especially in children.

Therefore, it becomes very important to find shampoo that does not contain gluten particularly if you are on a gluten free diet.

Finding shampoo that is free from gluten is usually hard but not impossible.

One the best ways to find one is to check the label on the product to see the ingredients that it contains and in what amount.

However, this can hard because some companies refuse to disclose some of their trademark ingredients under the allowance of Food and Drugs Administration labeling laws.

The lack of disclosure of some of the ingredients used can make leave you confused and also make you to fall victim to gluten intolerance.

This can also be very time consuming and difficult especially if the ingredients are listed with their scientific names.

Some of the scientific names use in shampoo brands include hordeum vulgare, secale cereale and triticum avena sativa.

Other glutens include amino peptife, samino peptide complex, beta glucan, maltodextrin, yeast extract, fermented grain extract, cyclodextrin and hydrolized malt extract and hydrolized wheat protein among others.

The other way to choose a gluten free shampoo is to check whether the product is guaranteed to be free from gluten by the manufacturer.

Unless the shampoo brand is guaranteed to be free from gluten or incense do not use it.

Shampoos that do not contain ingredients that are laden with gluten prominently indicate so on the labels on their containers.

In the quest for a shampoo that has no gluten based ingredients you may be tempted to buy an organic one.

However, caution is advised because not all organic shampoos are gluten free.

Is there a relation between gluten and hair loss?

Well yes, some medical experts believe that gluten causes hair loss and hair thinning.

This is because gluten is believed to attack the body causing stress in the adrenal glands which in return causes hormonal imbalanced that can lead to loss.

Glutens can also cause rashes and irritation on your scalp and neck region.

Where to find gluten free shampoos

If you have intolerance for gluten and also have skin problems that come with this condition such as hives, herpeteformis or hives, you should ensure that your shampoo is free from gluten.

There are many shampoos that have no gluten available for sale in online and offsite retail stores.

Most of these shampoos also mostly contain 100% natural ingredients that do not contain alcohol, sulfates or artificial colorants which are a major source of allergies and skin irritation for most people.

Some of the reliable shampoos brands that are gluten-less include Wen Chaz Dean shampoo, Hugo Naturals, Morocco method, Dove, Suave, Original Sprout, Costo’s Kirkland, Dessert Essence Organics, DHS clear shampoo fragrance free, Lavera Neutral Hair and body shampoo, Logona Free shampoo & shower gel, Magick Botaninicals Fragrance free shampoo, Tate’s miracle odorless shampoo, Synergy Light moisture shampoo and Miessence organics organic shampoo etc.

Some of these shampoos cure scalp problems such as seborrhea and it has a long lasting fragrant herbal smell.

These brands are also available for all age groups which make them a good choice.

Most of these shampoo brands have a special range of infant shampoos.

They also cater for normal to dry and normal to oily hair.

Before buying any of these products it is advisable to consult your health care provider.

To make up for lost nutrients that you should take gluten free multivitamins such as beta carotene, B12 and Omega-3 oil supplements.

These will be of great help if your hair and nails have been affected.

To soothe inflamed scalps you should eat anti-inflammatory foods.

Go for healthy foods that contain no gluten such as olive oil, fresh fish, rich berries, almonds, avocado and walnuts.

Drinking huge amounts of water is also helpful in keeping your skin and scalp healthy. You should also avoid alcohol and sugary juices and instead, take gluten fee tea.