How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

If you wonder how to pass a hair drug test we have some insights for you.

Be aware:

hair follicle drug test is so far the hardest test that you will ever think of passing.

This is so because it is such a precise drug test that even the subtlest amount of drugs can be detected.

The follicle hair drug test is meant to detect heavy users.

Bur the casual drug user should be prepared too.

It has become particularly prominent compared to the urine test because it carries a much longer drug history.

And is therefore very difficult to manipulate.

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Here’re the insights:

Shave your hair entirely

Considering the precise nature of this drug test, it is important to shave all your hair at least five days prior to the test.

Ideally, a drug will take approximately one week to reach the hair, a reason why ought to abstain before you go for the blood test.

Irrespective of the fact that this tip mostly works, you should be prepared to give probable answers to why you had to shave entirely.

Unless this is done, the lab may opt to take urine tests which are rather difficult to manipulate.

Use detoxification products

nexxus_aloe_rid_old_formulaA number of manufacturers give the hope of clearing all drug signs with the help of their detoxification products.

You should be vigilant when choosing a detoxification product since some of these are just scams.

If you are not aware of the right shampoo that will do away with all your drug traces, the best option is to go online and review some of the products that are known to conceal drug histories.

We made this work for you in our article Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo.

How about a home remedy?

A number of natural substances in and around your home are highly helpful in passing a drug test.

Most of these products work by getting rid of the THC metabolites, thereby eliminating any signs of drug use.

If you are not prepared to go the synthetic way, therefore, perhaps you should contemplate the use of products such as vinegar and Salicylic acid which work as bleaching agents.

Consider personalized detoxification programs

If you have no idea as to what you can do to pass a hair follicle test, perhaps it is time you hired a personal detoxification counselor.

These are individuals that have the knowledge of what it takes to take someone through a drug cleansing process.

While such a tip takes a relatively longer period, a personalized detoxification program will make the process smoother, with higher chances of success.

In summary, there are several tips on the ground and over the internet which present awfully viable solutions to passing a drug test.

If you are faced with the dilemma of how to pass a hair drug test, however, you ought to be keen as to avoid some of the options that will grace you with a false positive result.