Solid Shampoo: The Principle and Benefits.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard of solid shampoos and I really wanted to try. Said like that, it’s not very sexy, but you’ll see, it’s really top. For my part, I am seduced because it is ecological, economic and efficient. Come on, I’ll explain everything!

We are not going to hide it when I talk to my girlfriends of solid shampoos, they always look at me making a face because it seems strange to wash the hair with a solid soap.

Why I like solid shampoos?

  • there is no packaging, which means: saving waste
  • solid shampoo is more natural than liquid shampoo
  • the solid shampoo contains no paraben (toxic to the skin and the hair), preservatives, dyes, petroleum derivatives, …
  • it is easy to carry, there is no risk of sinking in your suitcase, …
  • the shampoo is solid, it is much more concentrated and suddenly it lasts longer, which means: saving money (well yes, times are hard for everyone my little lady)

How to choose a solid shampoo?

To choose his solid shampoo, apart from sulphates … There are not many other ingredients to be careful. In addition, if you use a solid shampoo with a good composition, you should no longer need to use conditioner. [eafl id=161 name=”Solid shampoos” text=”Solid shampoos”] may seem more expensive than your traditional liquid shampoo, but knowing that a pebble lasts well 6 months against a month and a half maximum for a bottle of shampoos.

How to use a solid shampoo?

The 1st step before using a solid shampoo is to untangle hair. Indeed, it is quite possible that they are more tangled than with a conventional shampoo. The solid shampoo works like a brick of soap, just to lather it in the hands and apply it on your beautiful wet hair and to lather / massage, nothing more simple.

I tested two solid shampoos, one from Lush and one from the brand Douce Nature:

My opinion on the solid shampoo “New” from the brand Lush:
There is a large selection of solid shampoos at Lush, I had trouble choosing I admit. But I ended up cracking for the “NEW, grow faster”. Why ? Yes I confess, the “grows faster” was right of me.

This solid spice shampoo stimulates the scalp with essential oils of laurel, clove and cinnamon. Moreover, the rosemary and the nettle are concerned to give shine. I find the smell very present, as often in [eafl id=160 name=”Lush solid shampoo” text=”Lush”] will you tell me. But there, almost disturbed, fortunately the smell does not stay long once the hair is dry. This solid shampoo does its job: my hair is clean, they are not fast fat and especially it foams well. An important point for me.

Why ? For me shampoo rhyme with maxi foam! And suddenly when there is none, I do not have the impression of having washed my hair well. So yes, I can already hear you behind your computer: “anything! “.

Yes I know, it’s psychological ^^
Should I consult doctor? In short, it foams so the question does not arise.

If you have dry hair, I advise you to make a homemade mask, it is always better (honey, yoghurt and an egg yolk, it is the perfect Combo ^ ^). If you do not have the time and your hair is really dry, a conditioner (like the one below) will do. I also realize that since I use it, I can better space my shampoos, which is only better for my hair.

My opinion on the solid shampoo “the flower of shampoo Douce Nature”:
I often go to Bio shops and spend hours looking for something new (Yes, I have a thrilling life, I know ^^). I recently found this super shampoo flower. The seller (who almost became a confidant by force) told me that good (normal, a good seller …). This shampoo is colorless, preservative free, synthetic active ingredient, petrochemical derivative or animal product. In addition, a flower of 80gr allows to make more than 100 shampoos. In short, I was charmed by all these qualities and I was not disappointed.

I chose the shampoo for oily hair. The smell is not terrible but fortunately once dry my hair no longer smells anything. I like to have a neutral smell, only to feel my perfume. After use, my hair is soft and clean. I have a preference for this one because it is cheaper, my hair is less fat fast and the smell is more pleasant than that of Lush. The little ones of the “Douce Nature shampoo flower” are first its shape which allows an easier grip and then its composition which is more natural than that of Lush.

You’ll understand, this solid shampoo has it all.
So, ready to take the plunge?