Sulfate Free Shampoo – Anything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for information about sulfate free shampoo, you’ve already used a lot of other hair products like shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, dyes, and even hair detox shampoo.

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However, many of us do not really aware of the shampoo and other hair products ingredients which in some cases contain harmful substances.

There are plenty of promising shampoo advertisements in TV with beautiful women with shiny and flowing hair as the model.

But when you personally try the shampoo, you do not get the same shiny and flowing hair. How does that happen?

The truth is shampooed which contain sulfate compound in any kind are likely to make the hair dry and eliminate the hair’s natural oil.

Due to the very reason, there are plenty of more natural shampoos which claim to be sulfate-free.

If you are wondering why the sulfate has become the main culprit for your hair problem; here is anything you need to know about the compound.

What is sulfate?

Many of us do not have that much knowledge about chemical substances but when it comes to the compound in beauty and hair products, at least we have to know the basic information regarding the ingredients.

One of the chemical compounds which is found in beauty and hair products is sulfate.

Sulfate compound is a chemical compound which is commonly found in personal care products such as shampoo, body washes, shaving foam, toothpaste, and facial cleanser.

The compound is a synthetic compound which is derived from petrolatum using sulfur.

Besides derived from petrolatum, the largest part of the compound comes from lauryl alcohol which is coconut oil and other plants derivation.

To produce the sulfate, the lauryl alcohol from coconut oil is combined with sulfur acid.

There are plenty of sulfate derivative compound.

However the mostly used in the personal care product are sodium Laureth sulfate or SLES and sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS.

Both of the compounds are known as the foaming agent.

The same compound also can be found in cleaning product such as detergent, dish soap, and even disinfectant.

It is high foaming agents in which you do not have used too many products.sulfate-free-shampoo

Many people believe that shampoos which contain sulfate are likely to have certain effects for the hair and the body in general.

The sulfate compound is known as the pollutant for groundwater and emits toxic when heated.

Sulfur oxides and sodium oxides are toxic which is emitted when the SLS compound has contact with heat.

Therefore, hot shower using SLS shampoo and body wash turns out to be not as nice.

What is the side effect of sulfate?

Many of us question about the side effect so the sulfate contained products.

Is it very bad to threaten our life?

Or is it a carcinogen compound?

Here are the side effects of sulfate derivative compound in shampoo and other personal care products.

Skin irritant – the chemical compound is known as the one who cause irritant in the hair and body.

Have you ever notice when shampooing and some of the foam running down to your face and your eyes turn red?

It is the sign that the sulfate compound in the shampoo irritates your eye.

Not only the eyes, it also irritates hair, skin, and other contacted body part.

Sulfate compound for 0.5% only is proven as the potential irritant while in common shampoo is found about 10-30% concentrations.

However, the irritation intensity varies among one to another; one can have minor irritation while the other have a severe reaction.

Dry out the hair – the sulfate compound can remove the natural oil in the hair which makes the hair dries out in both of the appearance and the touch.

We all familiar with frizzy and split hair; that is one of the side effects of long term usage of shampoo with sulfate compound.

Many of us wonder if sulfate compound is kind of carcinogen agent.

The answer is sulfate derivative compound is a carcinogen if only reacted or contaminated with 1, 4-dioxane and ethylene oxide.

The contamination can happen during the manufacturing process of the products.

As consumers, we likely have no clue of how is the product being processed; is it contaminated or not.

Benefits of using sulfate free shampoo

Due to the very notion, many people change their shampoo to the sulfate-free one.

However, is it a good thing to choose the sulfate free shampoo?

Well, here are some benefits that you will get when choosing the sulfate-free products.

Reduce irritation – people with high sensitiveness will likely prone to irritation; however the sulfate-free products have the lower risk for irritation and even inflammation in the scalp.

You have no more worry for red and sore eyes.

Increase hair moisture – the regular shampoo with sulfate compound tend to strip the hair moisture from time to time.

It will make the hair become frizzy and difficult to style. In another way, the sulfate-free products gently clean the hair without making it dries.

Improve the natural oil – the hair produces natural oil to keep it moisture as well as healthy.

However, the continuous usage of shampoo with sulfate compounds remove the natural hair oil which then makes the hair become dry, split end, brittle, and frizzy.

The sulfate free shampoo washes the hair without removing the natural oil.

In addition, it maintains the hair moisture and keeps it healthy.

Protect the hair dye – most of us probably do not realize that the hair dye is easy to fade.

It is probably because the sulfate compound in the shampoo which strip the oil and pigmentation of the hair.

Especially for those who have their hair dyed, the sulfate-free products can protect the color to last longer.

Protect the scalp – whatever the compound which absorbed in the body will always transfer to the entire body cell.

The sulfate compounds which are absorbed by the scalp will also spread in the body and, of course, it has the side effect.

The sulfate free shampoo prevents the scalp to absorb these harmful chemical compounds that the body does not need.